Sustainable Celebrations

An initiative by bioQ to encourage people to celebrate festivals in a sustainable manner. We took global festivals as an opportunity to minimise waste and encourage people to do something good for the environment


Every year in India crores of rakhis are
thrown away in waste soon after the festival
is over. This contributes to a huge amount of
plastic waste. We are now into our 4th year of
promoting plantable rakhis with over happy 80,000
so far. Our hand made & biodegrdabale
rakhi helps
celebrate the festival in the
most sustainable manner,
as the rakhis can be grown into



The true meaning of Ramadan is purifying ourselves, taking care of our body, soul, people, surrounding and ecosystems which is supporting us. An opportunity for us to stay away from habits that are causing problems to the environment and for our future generations. We realize that small efforts to encourage and embrace “green” and ecofriendly practices, especially during Ramadan can reap environmental benefits for years to come.


All our gifting products take a new attire to
get ready for Diwali. Besides, we come up with
an exciting premium range to celebrate the spirit
of Diwali with 100% cork products and eco friendly
festive goodies. Great collections for eco conscious
people that are sure to wow all who lay eyes
upon It. Eye-catching, yet a functional
unit in the household or for events.


To promote sustainability among children during xmas we came up with a complete DIY xmas creaft set. The kit includes all supplies needed to create your own xmas scene with all your favourite characters. The kit goes beyond and has been
successful in enhancing skills such as
hand-eye coordination, planning, and
preparation – while engaging in hours of
creating and fun.

Ganesh Chaturthi

Ganesh ji symbolizes good beginnings.
beginnings in a sustainable manner is the
need of the hour. We are promoting
home visarjan
do good for
ourselves and
to the planet.
pollution and

New Year

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